Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Relationships by: Jason Nguyen

The first day of school is so important. It establishes the feeling of what your teacher and classmates are like. My first day this year was beyond boring until my third block.  My teacher immediately told us we could have free seating.  She also seemed light-hearted and fun and greeted us in a meaningful way.  Then she let us socialize and make bonds with each other.  She also didn’t just tell us the course syllabus and required materials.  She would tell jokes in between and stories of her life.

This year we had such respect and trust with our teacher.  She would put students together who would never usually hang out.  I made new friends and learned more about them.  She also sometimes let us pick our partners.  She also made learning fun, creative, and memorable.  She told us why people in the real world would do these things.  It wasn’t memorize and regurgitate. She showed us real life application.  She didn’t just follow the curriculum but rather let us choose topics that we were interested in and wove in the curriculum with the projects we were doing.  With all of this she still tried to be a person whom we could talk to.  The “troublemakers” in this class would be more respectful in this class and have better grades than in any of their other classes.  This proved to me that building relationships with peers and teachers can be so meaningful and worthwhile.  I implore all teachers to take the first step from the very first day of school.

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