Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Final Projects by: Jack Michael

At the end of every school year there is always an insane amount of projects that are handed to students at the same time. In almost every class a student is handed an end of the year project or an extremely large test to tackle. At the end of the year students are not usually in the mood for completing anything let alone five to ten projects. In this blog I would like to address the problems of final projects or tests and how you can relieve stress of students while having them complete the work you would like them to get done.

The first reason students find final projects to be stressful are their ability to significantly lower or raise your grade.  Most of the time these projects will count for 50-200 points. If these assignments are failed, they can significantly lower student’s grade. This coupled with the fact that most of these assignments are given at the end of the year, means that their final grade could be severely affected. They stress and slave over these projects making them their very best work. Often working into the late hours of the night.  A partial reason for student’s late hours at the end of the year is that other projects or assessments of the same caliber are due near the same date.

The second reason student find end of the year projects and assessments helpful is that they are assigned a multitude of these in the same period of time.  Students will receive one or two projects from each class they are enrolled into. The multitude of projects requires students to prioritize their classes into which grade needs the most bump. Most students will not procrastinate on any of their projects, they will be working on so many other project that they will just finish one right on top of the due date. Causing them to lose valuable points on these assignments and on their grade. 

            For teachers the way to reduce stress is to spread out these projects throughout the quarter or semester. This way student can have ample time to finalize the assignment and raise their grade if the assignment is done poorly. This also allows students to eliminate prioritizing; they can finish your assignment without having to worry about completing four others that night. Giving students piece of mind that they are able to complete their assignments without worrying about their grade tanking. This allows them to relax at the end of the year and enjoy their final moments at any grade. 

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