Tuesday, May 29, 2018

In School Restriction by: Dawson Unger

I am not a perfect kid, and I know that.  Everybody breaks the rules sometimes; it just depends on whether or not you get caught.  Recently I broke school rule and I was baffled by the way our school handled it and how all of the administrators have different feelings towards punishment (in school) and how it is handled.  Some admin vouched I was the best kid they had ever seen in ISR (in school restriction) while others shunned and yelled at me even when I was as compliant as possible. 

So as soon as I got in trouble, I was met by a screaming PE teacher, and he didn’t leave my side without yelling his heart out for about 45 minutes.  So at that point I was less upset with myself and just angry at him, because I told him everything and gave him respect but he still felt the need to treat me like trash and that anything I say is a lie.  That was the very first thing that really ticked me off and just made me want to really start something with him, but I was able to convince myself to calm down even with him yelling in my face because I said “bless you” after someone sneezed.  It amazes me that a teacher is even allowed to treat students that way and still have a job.  He made me feel like I shouldn’t be in a school but a dog pound.  After this whole time with him screaming at me, I have lost all respect for him, and I don’t respect many.  But he really just wanted to feel on top and in power, and I guess that is how he best expresses it in his mind, with ringing ears and by wasting his own breath.  That pretty much concluded my whole time after I got in trouble, and it only got better.

The next day I came in and talked to the admin for a bit, and all of them were being very friendly and were genuinely curious on what I did after claiming I was too nice to be in ISR.  The admin really just kept me happy during my little 2 days of ISR but the respect they talked to me with and enthusiasm made me so much happier.  The actual ISR “teacher” was the nicest and most caring woman ever, she agreed with me that ISR doesn’t help anyone and how school discipline and punishment is broken.  All it does is get people behind on work and insures everyone drops at least 5% in each of their core classes. 

I just think everyone should be much more like the admin versus the pe teacher.  I’m not going to learn a lesson by somebody screaming in my face, but if someone can connect with me and really get on my level then I am much more likely to learn my lesson.  I now think of some of those admin with such high levels of respect, whereas that teacher has none at this point.  Other than a few people, I had a delightful time in ISR as I just sat in a room on a computer and talked to the teacher the whole time. 

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