Monday, January 8, 2018

Taking the Time to Know your Students by: Rishi Singh

My name is Rishi. I am an typically A/B student and one of those students that doesn’t talk a lot in class. I've had a lot of issues in the past with my grades and my work efficacy I always believed that the main reason why students don’t do well in class is because of how the teacher thinks of them. I've had lots of teachers that look at me and only see a kid that’s failing their classes. This is where my topic of teachers getting to know their student comes into play. If my teacher knew that I was trying very hard to get a better grade in their class, they would try to help me and give me a second chance.

Throughout my middle school years, I had unsteady grades because of trying to understand different ways of teaching. Knowing your students gives you a lot of insight on them. If teachers learn how a student functions and comprehends topics, then there would be limitless possibilities for that student. 

Picture every single student in a class passing with amazing grades. All of this is possible from knowing how everyone functions. I am not a very easy person to teach, because I lose attention in class very quickly. My English teacher at Riverside High School is a perfect example of my topic. In class he tells us how he wants to get to know us right when we walked through his door. And you better believe he knew how everyone learned by the end of one class. His class is also the only class where I've nearly had a perfect grade. I got this grade because he caught my attention with his amazing teaching techniques. Those techniques made me very passionate about his class and drove me to get a good grade.

If teachers utilize this topic in their class room, it could make an amazing difference in student's grades and their learning.

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  1. I love our message about the importance of building relationships first Rishi. It truly does make all of the different. Passionate teachers create passionate learners. Yes limitless possibilities are everywhere when passion leads the way.